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Bulk Tea

Ethically and responsibly sourcing teas from the auction houses and large plantations, A.Tosh has perfected the art of selecting, tasting, blending and shipping teas since its very inception. We engage and employ a team of highly trained tea tasters, blenders and factory operators to ensure a consistent, safe, and hygienic supply of tea to our clients worldwide.


Production Lines


Tons Per Day Capacity


Sq.ft. Storage Space

Over 180,000 sq. ft. of clean, safe, and hygienic facilities spread over Calcutta and Coimbatore help us to procure and store significant quantities of teas. The large volume allows an uninterrupted supply of quality teas throughout the year. Raw materials and finished products are stored on pallets to safeguard from them dust and moisture. Insulated ceilings at our warehouses allow ambient temperatures to be maintained at all times.

With the most reliable and advanced German and Japanese machinery, the company has always tried to stay ahead of the curve, investing generously into infrastructure - both physical and technological - with a keen focus on hygiene and safety. The combination of a triple-barrier entry system for manpower, a unidirectional flow of labour and material, and complete traceability of all products ensures a world-class delivery system.

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