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Our Roots

Perhaps the most iconic of drinks in history, tea means different things for different people. For some, it’s an energetic start to the day, for others, it’s a quiet cup of contemplation. The one thing that remains constant is its seemingly eternal place in cultures across the world.

The story of Tosh tea began back in 1897 in India, when Ashutosh Ghosh, then a civil contractor for mercantile firms in India, discovered that his real passion was his love of tea. It was then that he sowed the very first seeds of the company, with the promise of sharing this love for the humble drink, with the rest of the world.

115 years later, A. Tosh & Sons Limited is now a blooming legacy in the creation and trade of some of the finest teas found today.

Our Growth

The first few years saw us develop as small-scale tea traders, but the company turned a new leaf in 1914, when Ashutosh’s eldest son, Prabhash C. Ghosh, took over his father’s enduring vision.

Prabhash’s dedication paralleled the depth of a strong tea. He travelled near and far in his quest to learn as well as talk of the amazing qualities of tea, over many a lovely cup along the way. Within two years he not only continued what his father started, but also went on to set up the first wholesale store offering a variety of flavours, on Harrison Road, Kolkata. With this, the roots of A. Tosh & Sons were firmly in the ground.

1954 saw our tea trade grow further, with Prabhash taking the opportunity to expand into the international market. Keeping with tradition, he sent his son Bhabatosh to train with one of the foremost tea broking companies in the United Kingdom. Bhabatosh learnt all of the intricacies of tea production and tasting over the course of his training. And after joining in the business, he made Tosh the first Indian company to register as the USSR government’s tea purchasing and shipping agent, paving the way for Tosh to enter into the international tea trading market.

Tosh was also now a complete family affair, with every member of the Ghosh family absorbed into the business. Combining their love of tea, family members helped in international expansion. Before too long, Tosh became the government agents for Iraq, Iran, Poland and Egypt. With this taste of success, the next step was private buyers and brand owners across countries like Germany, Japan, Sudan (Tenders), United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, USA, Nepal and More. Fast forward to the 1960s, Tosh was now amongst the top three tea exporting companies from India, handling as high as 25 to 30 million kilograms of tea each year.

Tosh Today

Today, our tea is shipped to over 40 destinations worldwide, and domestic business in Eastern India continues to flourish. Many of our wholesale and retail outlets are iconic sites with regards to tea, making them hugely popular with tea connoisseurs and aficionados alike, especially in Kolkata.

The essence of our company has always been to provide only the best products and services, so that customers can feel the same joy in drinking our tea, as we have in making it. When we look at our success today, we don’t just see numbers; we see many happy people enjoying their everyday cup of tea. Just like our founders wanted it to be.

Our philosophy has always been based on family values like passion, trust and most importantly, honesty. And that is reflected in our staff. Many of our employees have been a part of the company for decades, and are an integral part of our fabric. We possess a large number of spacious, well-equipped warehouses that are fully mechanized to ensure the highest quality of hygiene throughout the blending, packing and storing process.


Backed by over a century of knowledge and expertise, Tosh is well equipped to handle any Private Label inquiry, with our co-packing proficiency.

We offer complete solutions, which begin with our in-house blending, manufacturing and packaging ability. But it doesn’t stop there. We spend a lot of time on understanding your needs, proposing new ideas, recommending or formulating blends, packaging and design inputs – everything you need for custom tea bags and bulk teas.

And all of this is done with ease, with our Co-packing Team acting as the single point of contact, monitoring your project closely and providing you with timely updates on your orders. It couldn’t get any simpler for you.

• Double Chamber Tea Bags (With and without envelopes)

• Unwrapped Filter “pillow style” Bags (Pot Tea Bag)

• Filter Bags with Strings / Tag and Overwrap (Single Chamber Envelop)

• Iced Teas (Large Pot Bags) • Bulk Loose Leaf Teas • Box / Carton Overwrap

• Custom Blending and Ingredient Sourcing